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Why financial Independence of Women is important for upliftment of Society ?
Dated : 2019-01-20
By -Anandmayi Priyadarshini
अबला जीवन हाय! तुम्हारी  यही कहानी 
आँचल में है दूध और आँखों में पानी ...From मैथिलीशरण गुप्त की रचना यशोधरा
The above lines from well known Hindi Poet, usually every Indian woman feels is her destiny, but do you feel really now that women’s destiny is this? I feel now women are super women. When we look down into history of India, the condition of women in 18th and 19th century were same as Child bearing Machine and for handling household work; they were not having any say in the society. From the day one of her life she has to listen to Male members of her Family, they use to get married at the age of 5 and when she were entering into her teens she use to had children. If she lost her husband at any age then her condition were more pathetic, she had to shave her hair (so that she should not look pretty), she had to eat only less spicy vegetarian food (so that she should not have spicy and hot thinking) and she had to wear white sari only because colourful attire will fill her up with colourful thoughts and it will be shame on society. Even Sati Pratha were there when women had to voluntarily or involuntarily immolate herself on her husband's pyre or takes her own life in another fashion shortly after her husband's death.  Many Widow Ashrams in many religious cities of India were made so that they have to opt that way only, there were no room for her own happiness and she had to follow the custom. Another thought is like women should only bear a boy child and for getting the male child she has to give birth to many children which were in dozens, if not then her husband will marry another women for son. This custom is still alive; many ultrasound centres are making money on this business of sex test illegally. Foetal sex determination and sex selective abortion by unethical medical professionals has today grown into a Rs. 1,000 crore industries (US$ 244 million). Social discrimination against women, already entrenched in Indian society, has been spurred on by technological developments that today allow mobile sex selection clinics to drive into almost any village or neighbourhood unchecked.

The most famous saying said by the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”. Now situation is changing because parents are taking care of both boy and girl in the same way. We should teach the young generation that both boy and girls are from different planet and they both can complement each other. In my view Education and Financial independence plays an important role for women. There are many reasons for this. Some of the reasons are – 
• Education – if she is educated enough then she can take part in any family or society decisions.
• Self Identity – If she is earning then, other than taking care of Family, she is having her own life and identity too and she is utilising her education and not wasting it. 
• Financial Independence – she can fulfil all her desire with her own money and can help the family financially too, there will not be burden only on Man of the family
• Life is so uncertain nowadays, if something happens to Husband, his wife can take care of children and family financially and she should not beg someone for her children. 
• There will be a respect in your family because she is also working hard for running the family by earning money and for raising the standard of living.
• It will remove the social taboo like Dowry system and Widow Remarriage. If a girl is working her parents can tell the parents of Groom by mathematical calculation that you want money in few lacs or you want an ATM machine for life time! It will reduce this system which is the main reason for female foeticide. Also if a widow is financial independent, many boys are ready to marry them because of her maturity and financial independence. 
• She can utilise her 24 hour properly by living her life in slots and by playing many roles daily of mother, wife, daughter in law, working lady, employer for maid and many more. She need not waste her time on TV and need not answer this hurting question of family in spite of working whole day in house that whole day what you are doing?  
• If you are working, it’s good for your mental health too because you are diverting your mind from daily routine of household work and utilising it in productive work. 
• You are passing on the same sanskar & upbringing to your child whether it’s a boy or girl. If you have a girl she will think that I am also part of this house, an old saying in Hindi is there i.e. "अनकर धन पर विक्रम राजा" means you can’t be a king/ queen on someone else money and she will think that earning money is not only Husband’s responsibility. Similarly your Son will motivate his wife to work and to be self dependent because every son wants to sees his mother’s good qualities in his wife and every daughter wants to see her dad’s good qualities in her husband. This way women can help to change new generations too because 1st education starts from home only, which we can teach only through actions along with bookish education.  
Like this many reasons are there. I strongly feel and want that all women should work, take leave, break in your career but restart it. It’s good for their Mental and Physical health, will keep them active in all three important parts of her life – Personal, Professional and Social Life. Family is important because it is your responsibility and our heart lies there! Career is important for your mental health and for money which is the fuel for running your family! Society and friends are important for yourself, to keep you HAPPY and satisfied! 
There is no question of equality between Men and women, both are from different planets. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus because God has made us different in all ways whether its hormone, structure, brain, or any body system. We both are like sky and earth, when we meet, we design one beautiful creation of life with our rainbow of love. We both complement each other and there is no identity of one without one another, even animals are following this attraction then why not us. There are many question which frequently comes in woman’s mind and my logical mind started finding answer of all these like - 
• Why will we use husband’s surname? 
There is no rule that you should have your husband’s name as your surname, I have not changed it, it’s totally your wish, if you want you can, if not then no compulsion. 
• Why are we not allowed to cremate our parents? 
Reason is simple, we have very soft heart and it will be tough for us to go to Shamshan ghat (Cremation Ground) and to give Mukhagni to parents. Men are strong, we are soft and may be because of that this custom. Nowadays many girls are doing this ritual too. 

• Why do we only Cook? 
It’s not like that we cook because we wanted to do so and it’s not a big deal, now most of us live in nuclear family and it hardly takes 1 to 2 hours to cook variety of food. We wanted to eat homemade hygienic food for ourselves and feed our family because we love them. I feel women are like Goddess Durga with extra power and energy to handle home as well as job perfectly. 
• Why are we always observed? 
We are attractive and so both genders observe us. Keep doing your work in your own way, it’s your life and live it in your own way. 
• Why are we going to some other house after marriage? 
We are going to our husband’s house because we have a capability to care two - two parents in more caring way
• Why working women? why not working men? 
Because we are doing multiple jobs like home making as well as parenting and are performers at job too. 
So in a Nutshell, I can say we look soft but we are special and different and now society is changing. Respect lady, whatever she is mom, sister, friends, girlfriend, daughter or any XX chromosome and get attracted to her soul not only body. She is your strength and don't use her as your stress busters, never beat her, she is soft and she is very important for making the future of your son and daughter. If you beat her, your son will follow his father and your daughter will remain silent when her husband will beat or abuse her.  Women are sensitive, your silence and verbal action affect her more than your violence. Educate your girl and let her be financially independent. Let women enjoy and celebrate their Femininity always without comparing with Men. 
Women are Especial in their own way!  







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