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Inhale positive thoughts and exhale negative thoughts!
Dated : 2019-05-03
By -Anandmayi Priyadarshini
   I am from Navodaya and since childhood Biology and psychology always attracts me.  Because of that reason I did Graduation in Zoology and Post graduate in Management. Till today I am using both of these subjects in handling my day to day activities. Few of the correlation I am explaining here. Science and Spirituality have strong connection, both are interdependent and I feel where science ends spirituality starts. Nowadays in whatever age we are, it getting tough for everyone to handle their mind. Many people are suiciding for no reason.  Some for personal problem like failure in love, career, profession, fights, lack of confidence, professional problems and many more silly reason. So it’s very important to make your mind very strong and you should know how to change it when negativities are taking over. We should know how to inhale positivity and exhale negativity. 
As we know our body is a machine and many systems are running in it like Respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion etc. If you treat you mind as you body and try to correlate each system with your mind management you can be master of handling your mind. 
Let’s start with some system of our life and nature and try to understand nature, science and its correlation with your mind. – 
1. Circulatory system 
2. Digestive system
3. Soil Conservation  and 
4. Nitrogen cycle 
Circulatory System 
In our body Heart is the pumping organ which helps in supplying oxygenated blood to all organs and purifies deoxygenated blood with the help of another organ, Lung and keeps us alive.  We all know that our body machine is wired with arteries and veins, Artery carries oxygenated blood i.e. Pure blood with oxygen and blood flows in it in forceful way because it is having narrow pathway and it is having thick wall. Similarly Veins carries deoxygenated blood i.e impure blood with carbon dioxide and blood flows in smooth way because it has thin wall and big pathway...Arteries and veins are connected through capillaries and it helps in exchange of oxygen and CO2 in all body parts.
If we consider Arteries as positive thoughts, Veins as negative thoughts and our mind as capillaries. Positive thoughts carry positive energy, then meet with capillaries and veins are negative thoughts which carries impure thoughts. We have to keep taking fresh air i.e. positive thoughts so that our heart can pump well and oxygen will be supplied well in us in the form of positive energy. We are prone to have negative thoughts in veins but let it go out from our body. But exceptions are always there! Pulmonary arteries carry impure blood and Pulmonary veins carries pure blood. So sometime like Pulmonary veins it is necessary to have negative thoughts for personal growth. Life is perfect balance of negative and positive thoughts and we have to have capillaries which join both artery and veins properly to run our life smoothly. 

Digestive System
We all must have studied in our school days that Digestion process is basically a four steps process – Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption / Assimilation and Elimination. Digestion is the process by which ingested (food) material is broken down in the earlier stages of the alimentary canal into a form that can then be absorbed and assimilated into the tissues of the body. It is very important process of our body system because we are getting energy through food for our system to run. Ingestion is the process by which food is taken into the alimentary canal and Digestion is to break down food into smaller particle through mechanically and chemically. Assimilation is the process by which components / chemicals from food are taken into the cells of the body - after the food/beverage has been digested and absorbed. Elimination is the final stage of digestion which is the entire process of excretion of metabolic waste products, incl. from the blood via the kidneys and urinary tract. 
Similarly we are also providing food to our mind in the form of negative and positive thoughts and Digestion of it is also very important. Ingest or eat all kind of thoughts because our environment is like that, by using your mind and experience think over it and try to break and segregate both kind of thoughts through Digestion process of your mind. Absorb and assimilate positive thoughts and eliminate your negative thoughts by exercise, Physical activities, by avoiding negativity and negative environment. 
Soil Conservation
Positive thoughts conservation is very important like soil conservation. Soil conservation is the protection of soil against erosion and the conservation of soil fertility similarly positive thoughts conservation is protection of mind from erosion in the form of negativity and our aim should be to conserve positivity in our mind. 
The ways are same: 
Afforestation- Keep planting new ideas and positive thoughts , water it daily and let them grow well with deep root. It will serve as windbreakers and save our mind from attack of negative thoughts.  
Terrace farming - when we are down and things are not in our control like life is on slope then never give up, keep planting positivity in small scale, step by steps and that too in calculative way. 


Preventing overgrazing - prevent your mind and yourself from the influence of negative person and negativity by avoiding them or ignoring them from affecting your mind and thought process. Rotation of crops and manuring - keep your positivity alive by rotation of crop and manuring by updating yourself by reading books, offline or online, sharing your ideas, thinking , correcting yourself, meeting good and positive people and by keeping your mind and soul happy by smile. 
So it is very important to prevent your mind and positivity from negative erosion. 

Nitrogen cycle 
We can compare Nitrogen cycle with Negativity cycle. Whenever I remember this cycle my fertile mind start correlating it with life, As 78% Nitrogen (Negativity) is present in atmosphere and 21% Oxygen(positivity) and rest 1% other gases (neutral thoughts).
Nitrogen combines with oxygen when lightening happens or through Industry or motor vehicle into nitrogen oxide. Similarly our negative and positive thoughts combines and we grasp it in, through some means like reading, listening to some positive person or through teachers. Again nitrogen oxide get converted into Diluted nitric acid with rain and in soil in get converted to nitrates by nitrogen fixing bacteria and nitrifying bacteria which are present in soil and roots of some legume plants. 
Similarly when negativity comes in our life from surrounding, in any form, WE, as a human being, always try to convert it in useable form as per our personality. Rain is our daily life, Soil is we and bacteria and fungi are our society, education system, internet, books etc.
All living organism are made up of nitrogen because it is the main ingredient of our building block protein, when any living organism die and then decomposer bacteria convert it into Ammonia and then nitrates by Ammonification and nitrification. Plants absorb these nitrates and provide food to living organism. Similarly when we are down or depressed, our family and friends decompose the negativity and by many means convert it to positive person and then we start emitting positivity and happiness to society. Last nitrate goes back to environment in the form of nitrogen by Denitrification process by some bacteria and other microorganism. Similarly through media, some politicians and society again negativity goes back to our life.  So this Nitrogen cycle is universal cycle and keeps on running in our life on daily basis.  It is up to us how we are using this nitrogen in useable form and make it protein and improve our soul and personality. 
It is very important to keep your Body, Mind and soul happy and fit by providing proper food and thoughts.  







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